Thursday, 9 August 2012

Cancer is not a death sentence

Or a state of mind, but it is a battle of the mind. Positively, aggressive therapies and treatments along with being in touch with your body, mind and spirit are the tools to overcome and win the battle. There is a reason why 2 people with same cancer, the same chemo and the same have a different outcome, many of the great thinkers and philosopher believe that positivity and in internal and external battle creates a different result. That's why I have really incredible respect for all the cancer survivors and such deep sorrow for those whom have lost the battle. In the end life is about who you love and who loves you, how you love and what you have to give, not take and if we all keep this in mind we create a better life in reality for those around us. A more passionate community and a life where we transfer greed and self interest into gratitude. I am grateful for the love of my family and children, my friends and the kindness of strangers. Every opportunity I have to give back, I am there, so cancer really is a opportunity to face my deepest fears and my greatest loves and triumphs. So I remain open alive to the world and all its possibilities and I embrace life fully and profoundly. I always will.

Nina-Ann McCurley 9th August 2012 and happy birthday Dad. Alan Lockley 71 and like a good whiskey getting better every year.

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